nothing is impossible

Kemenade Atom Model

Orbiting the sun rapidly, the planet Mercury is dubbed "Messenger of the Gods". I happen to drive a Mercury, that's all :)

Talking of, are some of us able to relay messages from another world?

Flight of the Photon 2/3

Straightforward proof that photons and quarks share the same elementary particle. The math has been approved by the Eindhoven University of Technology.

I'm still strugling to complete chapters 1/3 and 3/3 :)

Parrot Index

A counter strike at the Crackpot Index :) While crackpots are originators, parroters simply repeat after one another: It's the safest way to pretend being a scientist.

Math is crucial, but in physics we cannot do without a mechanism to apply it upon.

General Remarks


VEDODER betekent: Voor Een Dubbeltje Op De Eerste Rij. Alles wat hier openbaar gemaakt is geldt daarmee als zijnde gepubliceerd. Het is daardoor voor derden niet mogelijk inhoud of strekking te claimen: De inhoud is reeds gedeponeerd als intellectueel eigendom. Duplicatie is toegestaan na schriftelijke toestemming, met verwijzing naar VEDODER R&D als originele bron.


Everrything here at VEDODER is an open source publication. Being "out in the open" protects these papers from restrictions implemented by possible hijackers. Being the originator, it has been claimed by myself as intellectual property many moons ago. Duplication of the content is allowed after written permission, including refering to VEDODER R&D as the original source.

The "van Kemenade Atom Model" and "Flight of the Photon 2/3" are mere chapters of an overarching quest that goes by the name of Stardrive. It's an effort to design our universe from scratch using only 1 elementary particle, 3 dimensions, and pure Newtonian physics. Among others, this has resulted in a 3D model of the atom core, complying with all familiar data regarding the atoms. The kicker is that the entire Periodic Table of Elements emerges by simply compressing Stardrive's well-defined nucleons! In the end, the odds of Stardrive being the real deal are over 4,000,000 to 1...

Having such a high degree of likelyhood, it is in your interest to accept it as an addition to the standard model. I'm not gonna beg :) You want a peer review? Well so do I. We're on our own, so you have to check the numbers yourself if you're serious: Stardrive hardly contradicts anything, and if so, only marginal using constructive arguments. (The works of Newton, Einstein & Tesla differ in detail too, but I doubt you will dismiss anyone of them. Agreed, those are big names, but at a moment in time they weren't that big...) We disclose one and the same truth, yet through different viewports. It's your free choice to peek through the viewport I offer to you; to gain from Stardrive or forget all about it.